BADD Covergirl December 2018
January 17, 2019

BADD Covergirl December 2018

You’re obviously gorgeous but what led you

January 17, 2019

You’re obviously gorgeous but what led you to want to become a model?

I found Playboys when I was little and knew automatically I wanted to be in magazines.

Where do you see yourself within the industry within the next three years?

Having 10+ covers of multiple different magazines and also be very successful in a lingerie business that I’m the number one model for.

We know you’re always working, are there any big projects in the making that you could tell us about?

I recently bought a website and I plan on starting a lingerie and swimwear line called Karlee Lauren I haven’t got it completely started yet but it is in the making for 2019.

Is it hard to maintain such an amazing body?

Eating healthy is my main struggle, I love working out, it’ a big hobby of mine so it’s not necessarily hard for me.

We know you’re Badd but in your opinion, what are your baddest body parts?

My back dimples and my calves

A quick leep over into politics but how do you feel about the caravans heading to the US? Could this all be staged or do you think it’s real?

It could be real. The government does hide a lot from society though.

In three words, how would you sum up the Trump presidency so far?

“Totally awesome dude”

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