Mancave Playbabes January 2019
January 17, 2019

Mancave Playbabes January 2019

  Who inspires you and why? Lindsey

January 17, 2019


Who inspires you and why?

Lindsey Pelas because she is always so open and speaks her mind with positivity.

Do you have a charitable cause you care about?

Babes in Toyland, Dog Rescues, and Samaritans Purse

Do you prefer selfies or camera shots and why?

Camera shots, they are more professional

What do you think is wrong with the world?

It revolves around money

What do you think is right with the world?

People still love and care for one another.

Should books be determined to be outdated and no longer functional?

No, some people like old fashioned novels.

Who is your favorite role model and why?

Rihanna, because she is a stunner all around.

Do you have a favorite number?


Do you care at all about astrology?

Yes! I love learning about the universe.

What are your thoughts on city life versus country life?

I love people watching in the city, I love my quiet time to myself in the country.

Where will you be in exactly one year from this moment?

I like going with the flow, wherever life decides to put me.

Is it ever okay to cheat at anything, why or why not?

No, I think winning in life should be fair and square.

What would you wear on the perfect date?

It depends on my date, usually leggings, a t shirt and sneakers if it’s casual. If it’s a red carpet event I like to be as flashy and classy as I can possibly be.

One thing you’d change, if you ruled the world?

No more judgment

More story in less than 5 minutes…

Born and raised in western Nebraska and the baby of seven. I’ll be twenty three in January 2019, 9 and 23 are two of my favorite numbers.

If your life was made into a movie, who would play your part and which actor would you want?

Jennifer Coolidge and Reese Witherspoon

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